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Overview of Class Types

Hatha Vinyasa (Yang Yoga)

Energetic and dynamic classes which focus on cultivating a quiet mind, strong supple body and open heart through the transformative effects of moving with your breath and exploring your own unique edge in each pose. We seek to bring you into your own experience of your body and breath while working your muscles and stretching your body in a way that is both challenging and fun. Classes are small and ensure each student receives personal attention and if necessary, hands-on adjustments. Props such as blocks and straps are used to make the postures beneficial and accessible to everyone, and postures are modified or varied to suit the capabilities and individual skeletal variations of each student.

We take special care to keep our classes fresh and inspiring with new challenges to build strength, balance & flexibility, as well as a sense of adventure in exploring new shapes with your body. Our classes seek to foster a spirit of friendship and community and we sometimes team up to help each other get a deeper stretch in a pose or keep our balance for longer.

Yin Yoga

The more well-known styles of Yoga which build strength and emphasize muscular engagement & rhythmic movement can be called “Yang” Yoga, from the perspective that active effort is required to perform and maintain the postures. As such, Yang Yoga poses are generally held for relatively short periods of time (e.g. 5 - 10 breaths). Yang Yoga (or any other Yang forms of exercise like going to the gym) however does not “exercise” or stretch the fascia (connective tissue), joints, tendons and ligaments of the body which only respond to passive, longer held stretches (e.g. 3 - 5mins). It is necessary to exercise and stretch both the muscles as well as the fascia and joints to maintain overall balanced physical health. Yin Yoga comprises of mainly floor poses which stretch the fascia, joints and ligaments in a non-aggressive, non-rhythmic way. Exercising the joints prevents and relieves contracture of the fascia around the joints increasing the range of motion of the joint, prevents joint degeneration, encourages defixation and clears the energy pathways in the body stimulating the flow of energy through the body.

For a more in-depth explanation of Yin Yoga please see Paul Grilley’s article in Yoga Journal.

Yin Yang Yoga

A combination of the above 2 forms of Yoga in one class. The first part of the class will typically be the more energetic Yang Yoga and the latter part will be the more sedating deep relaxation of Yin Yoga.

We encourage you to practise Yoga with an open mind and heart, honouring your own individual capabilities and skeletal variances, and strive to keep our classes intelligently sequenced, challenging, energising and of course… fun!


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