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Corporate Yoga

Yoga at your work

We offer corporate Yoga classes at your workplace. Classes are tailored to the needs of the company and will consist of a series of physical Yoga postures followed by a short relaxation / mediation segment at the end. Classes run for 60mins before or after work, or during the lunch break. We also offer Breathing and Mediation classes which can run for 30, 45 or 60mins.

Payment schemes:

  • 100% Employee-funded: the cost is split between all participants giving them a sense of commitment to the classes.
  • 100% Employer-funded: the cost is fully borne by the Employer. The Employer can do this to promote health and well-being as an employment perk.
  • Employer-subsidised: the cost is shared between the Employer and the Employee. This is recommended as it is important the participant invests in their practice as it gives them a greater sense of commitment to it.


Benefits to the Employees: Benefits to the Employer:
  • Greater strength, balance and flexibility – increased confidence and self-esteem
  • Reduced muscular tension and aches – feel good in your body
  • More energy and vitality – to carry into your life even after you leave the workplace
  • Increased sense of balance and calm – stress doesn’t affect you as much
  • Get to know and have fun with your colleagues without having to leave the workplace
  • Less absenteeism, illnesses and stress – lower costs
  • Increased motivation – higher productivity
  • Improved concentration & clarity - better problem solving
  • Established wellness programs help attract & retain employees
  • Sense of community & camaraderie between employees – happy & healthy working environment.
Group Size: Yoga is best learned through personalised instruction. As such, we suggest a maximum of 18 per class to ensure the best individual care and attention. With big groups, the instruction may not reach each student as effectively.
Location / Equipment: Classes are held at your workplace / venue of your choice. Students will need to bring their own mats.
Programme / Frequency:

Our programme consists of a block of 10 progressive classes at a time. Please contact us for details of one-off classes for team building / special events / conferences. We would recommend 2 classes a week for effective learning, for the teachings to “stick”. However, if this is not feasible due to work commitments, once a week is fine.


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